We Provide Safe, Reliable Transportation for Seniors and Those Who Need a Little Help Getting From Point A to Point B

RidePlus provides medical and non-medical transportation to help you get to where you need to go. Our services are especially focused on the needs of the senior population as well as those who may need the extra help that is not available from most local taxi or ride-share providers, such as help walking to the vehicle, carrying groceries, or managing a wheelchair.

RidePlus helps people access a variety of services that enhance their quality of life and allow them to live independently in the community. Our services are also designed with caregivers in mind. We provide caregivers with a reliable and worry-free alternative to providing transportation for their loved ones.

RidePlus manages our riders’ transportation experience from reservations to payment. Our actual transportation services are provided through a vetted and contracted network of local, experienced, high quality transportation providers. By making one call to RidePlus, you can sit back and then enjoy the ride and leave the worries and logistics to us.

RidePlus is operated by LogistiCare® Solutions, LLC, the nation’s leader in management of non-emergency medical transportation. For more information about LogistiCare, visit their website at www.logisticare.com.

   We Provide Transportation Services that Match Your Specific Mobility Needs

RidePlus provides transportation to almost any destination our riders may want to go, within our service areas, such as transports to:

  • Medical and other appointments
  • Shopping and other errands
  • Events
  • Visits with friends & family

Our transportation provider network consists of drivers and vehicles that can transport riders who can walk or use a wheelchair. We provide curbside pick-up as well as front door pick-up to accommodate those riders who need a helping hand to get to the vehicle. Our reservation specialists help to match the mobility needs of our riders with the most appropriate and cost-effective transportation available.

In the near future, we will be adding “assisted” transportation which will include “door-thru-door” services that provide a driver/personal attendant who is able to provide assistance and companionship once the rider arrives at the destination. Contact us to be added to our notification list and we will let you know as soon as these services become available.

Our service area currently includes Contra Costa and Fresno Counties in California and some surrounding areas, and we will be adding more service areas in the near future. Please check this site often if we are not currently providing services in your area, or contact us to be added to our notification list and we will let you know when services are added to the county where you live.

Currently we do not bill any insurance and all services must be paid for at the time they are arranged.

   We Arrange Transportation with Our Riders’ Safety in Mind

RidePlus uses LogistiCare’s proven quality control, credentialing and training methods to ensure that:

  • Transportation companies are pre-screened and meet or exceed all required insurance and industry standards
  • Vehicles are inspected twice per year by LogistiCare Solutions and meet stringent contractual and industry standards
  • Drivers undergo thorough background checks which include:
    • 10 panel drug screening
    • Annual criminal background checks & sex offender registry checks
    • Monthly OIG checks
    • Annual DMV record checks for moving violations and license suspensions
  • Drivers must complete over 18 hours of training before being allowed to transport any riders, including:
    • First Aid/CPR
    • Defensive Driving
    • Passenger Assistance Safety & Sensitivity Training (PASS)
    • Wheelchair Securement (if appropriate)

  We Want to Hear From You!

For more information about RidePlus’s services, or to be added to our notification list, please contact us by:

  • Phone: (866) 883-8593
  • Email: rideplus@logisticare.com
  • Fax: (866) 910-7679